"Capturing New Talent Through Authentic Intelligence"

Significantly improve your profits and recruit new staff more effectively. At Assessment-AI, our purpose is to provide you with the UK’s Leading Talent Assessment Service, and help you grow your business’s team with vetted and highly-skilled professionals.

Hiring new staff can be a gamble, with the national odds of success being less than 1 in 2.

When you select the right talent, your business thrives; but get it wrong and the costs can be detrimental. In 2015 alone, a massive £4.3 billion was spent by UK businesses through the loss of staff (Oxford Economics).

And this wasn’t just a one-off, the average cost per lost employee in the UK is £30,614; enough to leave a financial dent in any small business.

With us, you can get talent selection right. Potentially saving your business thousands of pounds.

We use an advanced work-based profiling tool that uses quantifiable data to ensure that the new talent you recruit is the right fit for your business, for the long-term. This, combined with our experience and extensive understanding of the recruitment market is a sure-fire way of getting you the best results and peace of mind.

We can guarantee that by using our profiling tool, your recruitment success rate will soar up to 9 out of 10

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