Your team are your greatest asset.


How many times do you hear that your team are the number one asset of the business? Yet do you really know how engaged they are and is it possible to really tell if they are still going to be part of your team this time next year?

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Can a Recruitment Algorithm beat the Experts at Hiring?


When we make selection decisions – whether it is choosing a date, a potential business partner or a job candidate – we try our best to make accurate judgments about the potential of the people we are considering. These decisions, after all, have long-term consequences. A first date could turn into a long-lasting romantic relationship; a potential business partner could be a lifelong colleague; a job candidate could be someone we work with for years to come.

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Job Success Employee Benchmarking


How would you like to be able to replicate your top performers when recruiting new staff?

Depending on the complexity of a role it can take between 6 to 18 months before someone is really up to speed in their new position.* During that time turnover can be high and very costly, so how do you know you’re going to get an “A” player?

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We are influencers and influence people on a daily basis whether this is unconsciously or consciously. So, what makes a great leader and do you and the people that you work with possesses the characteristics that inspire and drive us forward on a daily basis.

We posed this question to Brad Burton the “UK’s Number 1 Motivational Business Speaker, Founder of 4 Networking, author of 4 bestselling books, coach and Trainer” and he said “hands down the characteristics of a true leader for him were “Self-Leadership and Tenacity.”

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8 Techniques for Self-Acceptance


Happiness is determined by our level of self-acceptance, it affects everything in our lives. Low self-acceptance is extremely common and on the increase. People tend not to talk about it as it would be confirmation that they are not good enough. That is rubbish, because you are Fabulous! So, how do you actually learn self-acceptance?

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Take a look at some of our reports

Engagement & Retention Report

This report demonstrates who currently engaged the talent in your business is and how likely you are to retain their services..

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Job Success Report

This report measures the applicant’s assessment scores against the traits that make an individual successful in a particular role.

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Interview Guide

This is a report of questions to be asked in the interview based on key suitability factors with a score sheet.

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How To Attract the Candidate you want

This report identifies the key leverage points that will help you to convince and applicant to work for your company

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Engagement and Retention Analysis

This report outlines the specific needs and expectations of the candidate. If these are delivered you will have a very happy employee.

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Your Greatest Strengths

This report can be sent to any applicant that you have assessed yet rejected. It is a great PR tool.

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Paradox Report

This focuses on 12 Paradoxes related to the work place. The key is to have balance versatility. This is a great development tool.

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Traits and Definitions

This report lists the candidates primary work preference and personality factors in descending order. If their work preferences are me within the role they will be three times more successful.

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