"Use our 6 step process to achieve authentic intelligence with recruitment"

  1. We will either come out to you or have a phone/skype conversation to truly understand your business, its vision, culture, growth plans and the role that needs to be filled.
  2. Based on your needs we agree on the most appropriate “Job Success Formula” that applies to your role. We have over 6500 customisable proven profiles that we can match precisely to your role.
  3. You inform us who you would like assessed, provide us with their name and email address and we send them an invitation to take the SmartQuestionnaire™. It only takes around 20-25 minutes to complete.
  4. We are notified as soon as the profile is completed, we send you the reports and diarise a time to go through them with by telephone.
  5. You interview the candidates using the targeted Interview Guide and appoint the most appropriate candidate.
  6. Gain brownie points with the unsuccessful candidates by providing them with a ‘Your Greatest Strengths’ report.