"Our range of unique services make us the intelligent choice"

We will discuss with you your current needs, explore ways in which we can add extra value to your recruitment process and support you through the whole process.

We offer one of the most unique and accurate talent assessment services in the UK.

We can produce a selection of valuable reports all from the one objective SmartQuestionnaire™

We can help you maximise your experience with recruitment applicant suppliers by using our in-depth experience as to how they work. We can be your go between.

Once you have selected your applicant we will produce a report highlighting their real motivations and how to keep them engaged and retained.

We can send every applicant that you assess their own unique “Your Greatest Strengths Report” as a thank you for their time helping you to become the selection medium of choice.

We can even interview applicants to give you a chance to sit back and reflect and take advantage of our in-depth knowledge and experience of Interviewing, performance psychology and behavioural body language.

We offer an objective view of the whole process as we are not emotionally involved in trying to place the applicant for a fee. Your success is always our first concern. You are only charged for the reports produced irrespective of the number of invitations to complete the SmartQuestionnaire™.