Your team are your greatest asset.


How many times do you hear that your team are the number one asset of the business? Yet do you really know how engaged they are and is it possible to really tell if they are still going to be part of your team this time next year?

Talent retention is perhaps even more important than talent acquisition. These are the people that you have already heavily invested in, both in terms of time and money and you need to know how invested they are in you.

There are millions of pounds a year spent on internal communications campaigns to ensure that staff are as engaged and by definition as productive and efficient as it is possible for them to be. This is all well and good if you know what your staff are turned on by and have the resources at your disposal for an internal communications team. If you don't, then how do you find out who is going to be with you, who is not and what you can do for those who are not engaged and how to turn them around.

Our algorithm allows you to be able to identify your star performers and how you can improve their retention within the business

Contact us for a demonstration on how we are able to help with both your talent retention and acquisition. It will amaze you.

Take a look at some of our reports

Job Success Report

This report measures the applicant’s assessment scores against the traits that make an individual successful in a particular role.

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Interview Guide

This is a report of questions to be asked in the interview based on key suitability factors with a score sheet.

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How To Attract the Candidate you want

This report identifies the key leverage points that will help you to convince and applicant to work for your company

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Engagement and Retention Analysis

This report outlines the specific needs and expectations of the candidate. If these are delivered you will have a very happy employee.

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Your Greatest Strengths

This report can be sent to any applicant that you have assessed yet rejected. It is a great PR tool.

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Paradox Report

This focuses on 12 Paradoxes related to the work place. The key is to have balance versatility. This is a great development tool.

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Traits and Definitions

This report lists the candidates primary work preference and personality factors in descending order. If their work preferences are me within the role they will be three times more successful.

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