Using AI To Help Clients Select, Manage & Retain The Right Staff

What if you could how well a new hire will perform before they have even joined your business?

At Assessment-AI we are specialists in helping you to secure the right candidates into your specific role, using the power of data analytics and over 28 years of recruitment experience.

What if you could predict how well a new hire is going to perform before they’ve even joined your business?

A 20 minute assessment that will accurately predict how well someone will perform in their role, how they will fit into your culture & ultimately how successful they will be. And, you’ll know this before they’ve even started, guaranteed!

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Employee Retention & Engagement

Can I use this assessment with my current staff to increase engagement, retention and even promote within? Absolutely, It will even give you an overview of how engaged your staff currently are!

Our experience & advanced technology make us

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