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Is Your Holiday Airline Pilot Suitable For Their Role?

Would it worry you if your Airplane Pilot wasn’t assessed as to how suitable they are for their job?

“Yes of course” I hear you shouting, “my life is at stake here”.
Would it worry you if one of your customers had a complaint and were directed to someone who is not suitable for that role? What could the outcome of your client’s experience be?

Whilst you, nor they will die they could cancel their order, they could decide not to buy from you anymore, they could tell others about their bad experience and worse case, they decide to buy off one of your competitors. Ouch!

The best way to assess specific job suitability is to firstly understands the behaviours that create the right performance in the role and then be able to measure these traits objectively. Personality assessments don’t nor can’t measure someone’s preferred way of behaving as personality is different. Personality is “what/who we are, whilst behaviour is what we do.

So, if you want to improve who you recruit, engage them and retain them, you need to assess their job fit by matching their preferred way of behaving to behaviours required to be successful. People who feel successful stay in their roles for longer.

PS: Flying is one of the safest ways of travelling, second only to taking an elevator, so have a peaceful and fun Holiday.

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