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Losing Good Candidates During Your Hiring Process?

Throughout 26 years working within the recruitment arena, one of the most frustrating things for Recruiting Managers, Talent Acquisition Professionals, HR Professionals and Recruitment Consultants was how long it took to get an applicant a job offer.

All too often, especially when unemployment is low, a good candidate will be snatched up very quickly. It is so frustrating to all concerned that another candidate was lost to the competition. Why does this happen? Simple: planning or a lack of it and too many people in the process!

When recruiting ensure you know the hiring process. Keep it as simple as possible.

I was talking with a new client this week who is based overseas and they told me that along with losing new staff after a few months service they are also losing potential candidates because of their long and drawn out process. They were telling me that they did the initial telephone interviews for UK based applicants and roles and then the process would slow down in England to over 5 weeks. This was because trying to coordinate the Senior Managers, HR and Line Managers was complicated as the Senior people were quite often overseas. They told me that the Directors understood it was frustrating losing potential talent but that’s the way we do it! “If you keep on doing the same thing and expect to get different results is a sign of madness”, springs to mind.

Please, please, please, make sure when you recruit that you take no longer than 3 weeks. Have a plan. Our process saves our clients at least 70% hiring time and means they recruit the talent they want and not everyone needs to be involved.

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