Client Case Study – Care Company

A care company needed to streamline three of their line management roles by reducing the team from 20 to 12. They wanted to identify a way that would help them select the most suitable 12 in a measurable, objective, fair and non-discriminatory way.

We worked with them to create 3 different job specific behavioural profiles that would fulfil the key performance indicators for each role. These included essential success traits, desirable traits and traits to avoid, all backed up with data scores.

 All their current management team and internal staff who applied for the roles took the assessment and the results were enlightening. It highlighted that certain individuals were in the wrong role but were very suitable for a different job, some were incredibly strong and absolutely in the right role and some of the internal applicants who applied were incredibly strong.

They have now streamlined the team and relocated remainder of the team to new roles. It has significantly improved the level of job satisfaction within the organisation. They have recently recruited a new HR Manager using our system to great success.

How Does it Work?