Client Case Study – Property Services

A property services business in the South West were going through a restructure of their contact centre environment. We had been introduced previously to help this business with assessment of Head of Customer Excellence & Operational Field Performance Manager positions for candidates being submitted by recruitment agencies. 

We created a job profile of behaviours for each role (customised to the client’s preference). 

The candidates went online, filled out the Smart Questionnaire which takes 20 minutes. Once this is completed the platform assesses how well suited the candidate’s natural behaviours are to the role behaviours and this creates the percentage of suitability. 

See below just some of the essential behaviours required for each position:

Business Analyst – Analytical, Numerical & Planning. 

Outbound Team Leader – Taking Initiative, Authoritative & Helpful.  

Inbound Team Leader – Wants to Lead, Wants Challenge & Persistent.

Regional Quality Manager – Persistency, Enthusiastic, Planning

2 employees were assessed per position. From the assessment results the business were able to select the most suitable candidates. We provided the clients with a full How to Manage, Develop & Retain report for each successful applicant. All unsuccessful applicants received a Greatest Strengths report, this is great feedback and something they can take to future interviews. 

How Does it Work?