Case Study – Internal Restructure

Vibrant Energy Matters, the UK’s Leading Property Service Business were going through a restructure of their contact centre. We had been introduced previously to help them select for the Head of Customer Excellence & the Operational Field Performance Manager positions.

Vibrant’s Senior Leadership had the foresight to create a culture where internal promotion is actively encouraged and delivered. They wanted to see who in their business would suit the Business Analyst, Outbound Team Leader, Inbound Team Leader, Regional Quality Manager positions.

The benefits of promoting from within are huge (as long as you get it right!).

  • Reduce Cost (compared to external hire).
  • Improve productivity & loyalty.
  • If disaster strikes and someone does leave, you have a ready made replacement.

3 employees were assessed per position. From the results they were able to select the most suitable candidates. They also gave the unsuccessful applicants detailed feedback. Vibrant knew who the potential leaders in their business were and could act accordingly.

Learning Points:

  • If you want to scale or exit you need to identify and develop the future leaders in your business.
  • Disaster isn’t such a disaster if you have the right potential leader waiting in the wings.
  • Internal promotion in a lot of cases trumps external hires.

‘We have been using Assessment-AI for 18 months. They have Significantly improved our hiring and retention success. We now have a stable and consistent Leadership Team that allows us to continue to grow at pace!’ Dan Kittow – MD – Vibrant Energy Matters

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