Client Case Study – Finding the Right Sales Director

We recently worked with a client who had been struggling to recruit the “right” Sales
Director and had got it wrong twice which had cost them a small fortune.

We met with the Directors to understand the role, the Kpi’s and then helped them
formulate the “Essential” success behavioural traits, the “Desirable” traits and the traits to
“Avoid”. We always advise clients that a score of 75%+ is always desirable yet when
recruiting for a senior position we would advise 85%+.

They had a shortlist of two candidates provided to them by a recruitment company, so prior
to the final interview, we sent them both an email with a link to complete the questionnaire
which only takes between 20-25 minutes to complete.

Only one of the candidates completed the questionnaire prior to the interview and he was a
77% probable match. We provided the client with a unique and personalised “Guide to
Interview” and he failed in his personal presentation of himself.

The second candidate who had failed to complete the assessment was interviewed and
came across very well to the Directors and the Team. So well that they were contemplating
hiring him. We suggested that they hold off and get him to complete his assessment, which
he did.

He had a score of 65% suitability and had a big red flag against him which indicated he had
an unconscious behaviour that made him “blindly optimistic” and avoided looking for
“potential pitfalls”. This behaviour would have taken months for the client to realise and
would have lost them many £1000’s in salary, recruitment fees and whole lot of emotional
time for all involved. A big banana skin was avoided.

They have now successfully hired and the suitability score for the new SD was 98%.

Our assessment uncovers the true nature of people from day one, so avoids finding out that
you have hired the wrong person many months into employment.

How Does it Work?