4 step guide on Developing Initiative

With this new enforced lockdown, which is set to last a minimum of 6 weeks how are your team coping? How productive are they with the enforced uncertainty surrounding their family, their friends, and colleagues’ futures?

The fear that has been created over the last 10 months will and does effect peoples mental health and behaviours differently. Some deal with it better than others. Not because some are stronger but because some have different learnt behaviours that help them cope.

Behaviours are learnt, which means we can all develop new ones. The key is knowing which ones?

According to research, below are some of the essential behavioural traits needed to be productive and happy at home.

  • Likes to take initiative – Perceives what is needed to be done and does it
  • Wants Autonomy – Desire to have freedom and independence
  • Persistent – Tenacious despite facing obstacles
  • Optimistic – Believes in a positive future
  • Organised – Maintains order

Today we are looking at How to Develop Initiative. See below a 4 step guide that will help you develop your employee’s initiative.

Step 1 – What are the results needed to be achieved for your position?

Make a list of what you consider to be the most important results that need to be achieved in your position. List between 3 and 7 factors. Put the items in order of importance. REMEMBER focus on results to be achieved rather than activities done.

Step 2 – Verify the list with your manager.

Ask your manager to review the list and give his/her viewpoint on those key performance factors for your positions. Discuss until you have a clear mutual understanding.

Step 3 – How could you take initiative?

Make a list of all the ways you could take initiative. Examine each of the items in step 2 above and reflect on what you could do to take initiative for each item.

Step 4 – What will you commit to doing to take greater initiative?

Reflect on and list the things that you will commit to doing related to taking initiative.

We hope you’ll find this useful and look forward to sharing more tips and techniques on how to develop your employees behaviours for home working.

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