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Meet Josh & Martyn

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, we’re brothers! We’re only kidding of course, nevertheless it won’t stop Martyn cracking some great (terrible) dad jokes. 

Assessment-AI was formed in April 2019, a father and son looking to improve the way businesses hire, engage and retain employees.

Martyn was a Director of a National PLC, employing hundreds of people. Then running and growing his own business for 14 years. A total of 26 years working in Leadership, Development & Selection. All whiles studying  NLP Leadership Master Practitioner, specialising in Behavioural Performance Psychology.

Josh worked in Recruitment for 5 years, and has been around the world of Succession Planning & Leadership since he was young. Watching and learning, whilst being fascinated with the world of hiring and retaining people. The world his Dad was and is so involved with to this day. 



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