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Revolutionalising how businesses select and retain staff.

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Why do we do what we do?

At Assessment-AI, we always thought the recruitment industry was crying out for a different approach. We’ve seen far too many businesses lose money when hiring the wrong people as well as struggling to keep their best talent.

We’ve drawn on our decades of experience to come up with a software platform that really works for your business.

Assess suitable candidates, attract them to your business & keep them long-term with Assessment-AI.

How Assessment-AI Can Help

Talent Acquisition
Attract The Best Talent
And Save Over 70% Admin Time.

Find the right candidate for a position, every single time.

Stop wasting time and money on a lengthy recruitment process that doesn’t give you the best results.

Use Assessment-AI’s Talent Acquisition software to quickly identify and hire the best talent for any role.

Pre-screen candidates with our award-winning technology based on a range of filters, qualifications and behaviour data.

Only interview the best—save time and money on wasted interviews with the wrong people. And save even more by not making hiring mistakes.

Assessment-AI. Helping you quickly find and acquire the best talent in your industry.

Eliminate the need to review resumes and automatically rank applicants to your requirements.

Saving over 70% of admin time in the process.

Provide the Best Candidate Experience

Build long-term employment relationships with your staff using our world-class candidate experience technology.

Automatically assess data and quickly view reports to get key insights on how to attract and retain the top talent.

Easily convince the best to join your business with Assessment-AI.
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Reduce the Cost of Hiring

Our recruitment technology can save 70% or more of the time it takes to hire a member of staff—saving you money, too. And you’ll also save thousands by not hiring the wrong people. Which can cost over £130,000 for a middle-management role. Always get the best employees, at a fraction of the cost—with Assessment-AI.

Increase Accuracy And Eliminate Bad Hires

Measure 175 behavioural factors with our groundbreaking technology—where other tests are only measuring a handful.


Increase the accuracy of your interview and hiring process by having all the data you need to analyse and rank candidates, at the touch of a button.

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Our Team

At Assessment-AI, we’re proud to be a family business with over 40 years experience in the recruitment industry. I’m Josh Lax, and I founded Assessment-AI with my father, Martyn. We wanted to draw on our own experience in the recruitment and software industries to come up with a solution that puts businesses first—and saves them money. And I really think we’ve done that with our revolutionary software platform. I’ve spent all my working life in the recruitment industry, so I’ve seen the mistakes many businesses make when hiring, again and again. I wanted to help them flourish by eliminating bad hires and getting the right candidates to help them grow, every single time.

My father, Martyn, has over 30 years experience in the recruitment industry and has owned his own recruitment business for 14 years.

Together, we’ve enjoyed building Assessment-AI from the ground up. And we’d like to help take your business to the next level with our range of AI solutions.


Josh Lax

Legal Compliance.

Our assessments comply with EEOC regulations as well as ISO 10667. Our Benchmarking Analytics option provides job specific research and scientific validation for your specific custom criteria.

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How Does it Work?