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About Assessment-AI.

Assessment-AI was established to provide a real solution that would revolutionise the way businesses recruit and retain staff. The problem that most businesses have is recruiting the wrong people and losing your best performers. Our software platform allows businesses to assess how suitable a candidate is for a position, how to attract that candidate to your business & also how to keep them long term. Take a look below to find out in more detail how you can solve your recruitment headaches.

Talent Acquisition: Attract Top Talent and Save 70%+ Admin Time.

Assessment-AI’s Talent Acquisition solution enables you to hire the right talent – and do it quickly. Filter, rank and select the best candidates before you setup the interview. Quickly identify, interview, attract, and hire the best candidates using predictive analytics. Our award-winning recruitment technology pre-screens applicants for qualifications and job specific behaviour providing actionable data for effective decisions.

Quickly Find and Acquire the Best Talent.

Our recruitment technology eliminates the need to review resumes and saves more than 70% of administration time by automatically ranking applicants according to how well they meet your ideal requirements.

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Great Candidate Experience.

Our co-bred system provides a world-class candidate experience and technology that shortens assessments and maximises useful data. By assessing mutual needs, it enables you to establish a long-term mutually beneficial employment relationship. Our How to Attract Report shows you the key factors to emphasize to convince top talent to accept your employment offer.

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Reduce the Cost of Hiring.

Our recruitment technology saves 70% or more of recruitment time allowing for campaigns to be completed in a fraction of the time. It enables you to very inexpensively screen for qualifications before paying for any other assessments. Unlike other assessments that charge for sending the questionnaire, Harrison only charges for generating reports. and the results of our SmartQuestionnaire can be further used for a wide range of employee development functions after hiring.

Increase Accuracy and Reduce Bad Hires.

General personality tests measure only 4-20 personality factors and can help employees become more sensitive to others with different behavioral styles. However, to effectively predict job success, assessment needs to be comprehensive and job specific. The Harrison SmartQuestionnaire measures 175 behavioral factors that include personality, attitude, motivation, work values, interpersonal skills, engagement factors, retention factors, and behavioral competencies. Each assessment is customized to be job specific and supported with 30+ years of job performance research.

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Legal Compliance.

Our assessments comply with EEOC regulations as well as ISO 10667. Our Benchmarking Analytics option provides job specific research and scientific validation for your specific custom criteria.

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