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Our experience and technology make us unique.

We assist our clients to hire the right staff so they enjoy success and peace of mind in knowing their new recruit will be happy and successful in their new role.

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Martyn Lax

Managing Director

Martyn has over 26 years’ experience working in and around the recruitment industry as a Director in a Plc and running his own practice for 14 years. This experience has taught him that for most businesses, hiring is a big gamble. He has always been passionate about helping his clients succeed but knew the “real” value added, so often promised, was truthfully limited.

Martyn is married (24 years) and has 2 amazing sons. Martyn’s passions lie within playing sport, performance psychology and self-improving. His infamous claim to fame is that he beat Superman at Tennis which is almost a fact. His philosophy surrounding business success is that it is always down to employing the right people, make sure they enjoy what they do and have real fun doing it. If you care about them, they will care about you.

Josh Lax

Managing Director

As the fresh face of our business, Josh has over 4 years’ experience working in the world of recruitment and a very successful sporting record. He cares deeply about people and adding true value to his clients, is his number 1 purpose.

His speed and appetite to learn is reflected in his personal confidence to deliver the right business answers and if you need someone in your quiz team specialising in sport, Josh is your man.

As an exceptional Goalkeeper people are safe in his hands.:0)

Our purpose is to help you select, engage and retain your staff whether they are sourced externally or internally through yourselves.

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