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You could accurately predict behaviour in order to hire and develop top performance?


1: Job Success Analysis Report

This report measures how well an individual meets all the requirements for your job and predicts their likely success.


2: Quantitative Critical Thinking

The QCT tests for logic, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning – integrated within the same questions. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete yet achieves the same high correlations with job performance as much more time-intensive cognitive tests.


3: Interview Guide

This report provides tools that make it easy to create and implement targeted interviews. It focuses the interview on job specific requirements. This approach has been proven to predict job success twice as well as interviews not based on targeting interviewing.


4: How to Attract the Candidate you want

This report aids employers in overcoming the problem of talent scarcity. It empowers employers to consistently attract top candidates.


5: Individual Engagement and Retention Analysis

This report assists managers by providing easy to understand graphs and narratives that will help to better engage an employee or potential hire. It assists the manager to fully understand an employee’s employment expectations. It helps individual employees to understand how to collaborate with management to fulfil mutual expectations.


6: How to Manage, Develop, & Retain

This report provides managers with insights that will increase an employee’s performance, motivation, and likely retention. It focuses on how to best utilize an individual’s strengths while alerting managers about potential performance problems.


7: Traits and Definitions

This report provides a complete overview of the individual’s scores and is typically used by coaches or recruitment experts to provide deeper insight into the Main Graph and Paradox Graph.

The report ranks the individual’s traits and preferences within the following categories: Basic Traits, Work Environment Preferences, Task Preferences, Interests, Job Functions, Engagement and Retention Factors, and Behavioural Competencies.


8: Paradox Report

This report provides managers and professionals with personal insights regarding an employee’s attitudes and behaviours which profoundly impact employee productivity, engagement, and retention.


9: Your Greatest Strengths

This report helps individuals to fully understand their strengths, empowering them to leverage these capabilities to further their career. It is based on extensive analysis of trait combinations that reveal the differences between actual strengths and hidden derailers. Every applicant that completes the questionnaire receives this (free) as a thanks for applying for your role.


10: Career Options Report

This report guides an individual to find or change to a highly suitable and fulfilling career. It identifies the careers a person would most enjoy from an extensive list of more than 650 professions. It identifies the level of suitability and likely success based on extensive research into job performance.

It provides a description as well as educational requirements for each career. This highly sophisticated technology is frequently reported to have transformed individuals’ lives.


11: Career Enjoyment Analysis

This report enables individuals to understand why they would like and/or dislike a specific career. It compares the individual’s personality and preferences to factors that have been proven to help or hinder success in a specific career.


12: Team Engagement & Retention Report – “Complimentary, if you employ 30+ Staff and all are profiled”

This is an advanced report designed to analyse the engagement and retention factors of a group or organization. It provides deep insight into employee expectations and related behaviours. It provides graphs and narratives that analyse a team’s expectations and related behaviours in eight areas: Development Opportunities, Appreciation, Remuneration, Communication, Authority, Personal, Social, and work-life balance. It shows average scores for the group as well as dispersion graphs for each factor.

Our range of unique services make us the

  • We will discuss with you your current needs based around the achievement of your vision, demonstrate how we can add extra value to your recruitment process and support you through the whole process.
  • Together we will select the appropriate “job success formula” which measures the likelihood of an individual’s success for a specific job.
  • Once you have selected your applicant, we will produce a report on how to effectively manage and lead individuals, highlighting their real motivations which in turn creates an engaged and retained work force.
  • If there is more than one person making the hiring decision it takes out the risk of argument as the assessment is objective and very accurate.
  • The system cannot be cheated. It takes into account 8200 variables and if the results are inconsistent, it won’t produce a report.
  • There are no right or wrong answers, just personal preferences and no subjective opinions. This creates accuracy.
  • It is extremely cost effective and the ROI is easily measurable.
  • An incredibly unique and accurate talent assessment service to benefit your business
  • A selection of valuable reports are produced all from the one objective SmartQuestionnaire™.

We help to the gamble that is recruiting staff.

  • Save £1000’s in wasted fees, reduced staff turnover & employee dissatisfaction.
  • Increase your profits through having motivated and happy staff.
  • A productive workforce.
  • Peace of mind knowing your new talent is the right talent.

Using this process gives you a standard way of working and a consistent way to make your decision. Because you use this process as an operational standard it protects you from being accused of any form of discrimination.

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