Case Study – Hiring Without A Recruitment Agency

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Signal are an IT Solutions Specialist based near Bristol, providing managed support, professional services and consultancy, cybersecurity, and business IT transformation. They are experts in their field.They offer excellent service and need to grow their internal support team to meet the growing demand for their services offering. They were finding good staff but not always … Read more

Retaining Employees in 2021

Retaining their best employees is the number 1 focus for growing companies in 2021. Did you know that it costs on average, 2.5 times someone’s salary to replace them, when they leave and regardless as to how long they have been in your employ? I worked in the recruitment industry for 26 years (not anymore) … Read more

Creating a Personalised Development Plan for Everyone!

According to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), companies with better training investments enjoy a 24% higher profit margin. The research division of Miller Helman Group found that investing as little as $500 (£350) in employee development, yielded a 46.1% employee performance increase. Back in the days when I worked in the recruitment industry (26 years … Read more

Guide to Succession Planning

Succession planning ensures your business continues to perform in your absence and when key people leave. It is a strategy to ensure smooth business performance rather than “firefighting” when key people leave. It also, and very importantly, ensures the business is not always dependant on you, the business leader. It frees you up. So, who … Read more

How to create a high-impact employee training plan

Companies that immediately engage in employee growth and potential learning opportunities – from the moment that individual is hired – will greatly impact future employee performance and dedication. The Workplace Learning report garnered insights from 500 learning and development professionals and found that 80% of executives believe developing employees is a top priority. The report … Read more

4 step guide on Developing Initiative

With this new enforced lockdown, which is set to last a minimum of 6 weeks how are your team coping? How productive are they with the enforced uncertainty surrounding their family, their friends, and colleagues’ futures? The fear that has been created over the last 10 months will and does effect peoples mental health and … Read more

How does a Pre-Employment Assessment benefit YOU?

So, how does a Pre-Employment Assessment benefit YOU, the business owner⁉️ 💥 Make the right hiring decision, every time – A middle management hire ‘gone wrong’ can cost up to £132,000 to replace! 💥Reduce Employee Turnover – Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group has found that companies who use a pre-hire assessment report a 39% … Read more

Biggest Impacts on Staff Retention

According to Occupational Psychologists, the biggest factor that effects how long you retain your staff for, is how much they suit and enjoy their job role. Companies try and offer “hygiene” factors to hopefully entice their staff to stay with them. For example: A pool table, a gaming console, duvet days, fresh fruit on ready … Read more

Case Study – Finding the Right Sales Director

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Osprey Group, an independent, British company. For 25 years they’ve been delivering some of the world’s heaviest assets and largest abnormal loads, providing specialist logistics of all kinds – here in the UK and internationally. Osprey were building out their Senior Leadership Team. Ready for a real growth drive after establishing themselves as one of … Read more

Case Study – Internal Restructure

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Vibrant Energy Matters, the UK’s Leading Property Service Business were going through a restructure of their contact centre. We had been introduced previously to help them select for the Head of Customer Excellence & the Operational Field Performance Manager positions. Vibrant’s Senior Leadership had the foresight to create a culture where internal promotion is actively … Read more