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Retaining Employees in 2021

Retaining their best employees is the number 1 focus for growing companies in 2021. Did you know that it costs on average, 2.5 times someone’s salary to replace them, when they leave and regardless as to how long they have been in your employ? I worked in the recruitment industry...

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Creating a Personalised Development Plan for Everyone!

According to the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), companies with better training investments enjoy a 24% higher profit margin. The research division of Miller Helman Group found that investing as little as $500 (£350) in employee development, yielded a 46.1% employee performance increase. Back in the days when I worked in...

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Guide to Succession Planning

Succession planning ensures your business continues to perform in your absence and when key people leave. It is a strategy to ensure smooth business performance rather than “firefighting” when key people leave. It also, and very importantly, ensures the business is not always dependant on you, the business leader. It...

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