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Is Your Holiday Airline Pilot Suitable For Their Role?

Would it worry you if your Airplane Pilot wasn’t assessed as to how suitable they are for their job? “Yes of course” I hear you shouting, “my life is at stake here”.Would it worry you if one of your customers had a complaint and were directed to someone who is...

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Reasons to invest in your staff

How much do you invest in your staff? According to most Senior HR Managers, the single biggest issue facing their businesses is, finding a way to increase their staff’s engagement and retention. When unemployment is so low this challenge increases as there are more vacancies and less candidates. A simple...

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Why are there so many books on Leadership ?

Have you ever been into a book shop (yes, I know, how retro) or been online to try and find a book on Leadership? I recently typed in “Leadership” on Amazon Books (there are other online book retailers) and found over 50,000 results for Books : Business, Finance & Law...

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