Case Studies

We work with here are some of their stories.

We met with a business owner recently who had paid £8,000 in finder’s fees only to have the new recruit hand in the towel after 3 months and 2 weeks – just outside the refund window. In reality this ‘mistake’ had cost the organisation somewhere in the region of £65,000 by the time salary, company car, telephone, laptop, time spent interviewing, on boarding then off boarding are taken into account. Had he used the highly accurate, job centric Harrison Assessment service we offer he could have saved himself thousands of pounds.

We recently helped a client with a current employee who was considered ready for promotion but the employee had reservations. The line manager was 100% convinced they were the right person for the job and couldn’t understand what was holding them back. We were asked to assess the employee and then met them to discuss and probe the findings of the report. The assessment identified a belief blockage that the employee was harbouring about their own suitability for the role. Through targeted coaching we were able to remove the limitation and now this employee is excelling in their new role.

Another client was recruiting new staff, only for them to leave on average after 6 months. After profiling the line manager, followed by consultation, it became clear that they were very inexperienced at recruiting and didn’t really know how to make the right assessment. They now use our profiling tool which predicts the likely success of the applicant interviewed which has taken the risk out of the recruitment process. This combined with the individually generated interview guide now assists them and the company to operate the new best practice standards that are legally compliant.

These companies have benefited from you can too.

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