Job Success Employee Benchmarking

How would you like to be able to replicate your top performers when recruiting new staff?

Depending on the complexity of a role it can take between 6 to 18 months before someone is really up to speed in their new position.* During that time turnover can be high and very costly, so how do you know you’re going to get an “A” player? You probably use recruiters and conduct interview after interview and it’s still hard to tell whether you’ve got someone who’s going to be your next top performer. You may have already spent a lot of time training before you find out they are not really a good fit. Ouch! So how would you like data that will predict which of the people you hire will succeed?
* Harvard Business Review July – August 2017

Job Performance Benchmarking provides a quantitative evaluation of the factors that explain job success and high performance.
The Harrison performance research methodology benchmarks key critical job success factors with actual job performance.
Using highly sophisticated technology, it identifies traits that differentiate your high performers from average and low performers for a specific job. The result… better selection and targeted development that leads to higher company performance!

Performance Benchmarking quantifies and formulates the human factors that your successful employees share.

  • Identifies key success factors that contribute to role success and higher performance
  • Produces the ideal traits for role success
  • Identifies traits that differentiate high performers from moderate and low performers and therefore identifies potential training needs
  • “What we cannot measure, we cannot change. What we cannot change, we cannot improve

How Performance Benchmarking Works

  • Delivers a job success criteria customised to the role requirement that can be used to consistently identify and hire, high performers
  • Draws from 175 factors that relate to performance for a specific role – including attitudes, motivation, interpersonal skills, work preferences, task preferences, work environment preferences and interests
  • Uses highly sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to determine and formulate the related traits

Harrisons Unique Solution

We know recruiting new staff is a gamble and using Assessment-Ai in conjunction with Harrison stacks the odds of success in yours and your new employees favor. It will save you £1000’s in bad hires.

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