The world of recruitment has always been a Gamble.

We’re now changing that!

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If you could extend your average employees retention by 50%, how much would you save?

If someone gave you an operational manual that told you how to motivate, inspire and retain your individual staff, how much would that be worth to you?

If you could save 70% of the whole recruiting time, how much would that be worth to you?

Recruiting staff is an expensive risk, with minimal guarantees. We are so confident of our solution that every client receives a 100% guarantee for their new employees first 6 months in the job.

How would you like to only be interviewing applicants that you know are a very strong fit for your role?

So, you have a great candidate that you want to employ and they have several offers on the table. How are you going to attract them to you? How useful would it be to have an individualised report that tells you “how to attract them”?

Our services significantly reduce the hiring risk

As you know, there is a shortage of quality applicants and all your competitors are after them. How useful would it be to have a recruiting process that makes you the stand out company to join?

New applicants join businesses that interview them really well, by asking the right questions that inspire them to join. How good would it be if each potential hire came with an individualised “guide to interview” ensuring you both have a great experience?

How good would it be to have a fair and equal hiring process and also an individualised set of interview questions that each recruiting manager uses that draws out the best from your new potential hire?


How good would it be if you knew that every interview you went out to you were already a great match for and the interviewer knows it?

Regardless of whether you are successful or not we will send you your own complimentary personalised “Greatest strengths report” that you can take to other interviews.