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You could accurately predict a candidate's suitability for a specific role in your business, even before meeting them?

When you're

We will sit down with you to decide the key behavioural traits that ensure your KPI’s are achieved.

Our process is bespoke to each client we work with. 
We start with creating a unique set of behavioural traits to measure candidates against. 

From this we can produce the following:

  • Job Success Assessment
  • Interview Guide
  • Attraction Guide
  • How to manage, develop and retain
  • Development for position 

Please see below the most

It depends on how many people you want to assess and which service you need. For example: to create your own unique, customized Job Success Formula (JSF) + to fully assess one candidate/employee against it and to have a unique “Interview Questionnaire”, a “How to attract” report and a “How to manage, develop & Retain” report the total cost for a non-managerial role is £250.00 and for a Managerial Role it is  £350.00. To assess more than one person using the same JSF the cost is reduced by £50.00 and £100.00 per individual depending on whether it’s a non-managerial or managerial role.

Very. Our assessment process has been in development for over 25 years and numerous studies have been completed both internally and independently. These can be provided.

Yes, absolutely and we would whole heartedly recommend it. It gives such great insight into your staff and ensures they are in the right roles that truly suit them. Fantastic for boosting engagement and productivity. Shows you care about them.

Harrison Assessments research shows that employees who enjoy at least 75% of their work are three times more likely to succeed. When someone enjoys what they do, they repeat it which means they continually improve and therefore get positive feedback, which they enjoy, so they repeat it and so the cycle continues.

No. The “Smart Questionnaire” asks the individual to stack rank a series of preference statements in what to them seems completely random and there is no way to predict how to answer, apart from honestly and with thought. If someone loses concentration, gets distracted, tries to answer how they think they should or tries to manipulate their answer the system will recognize this and ask them to retake. Their consistency score must be 80% and above.

Research has shown that a rerun should be a least every 2 years. It can be more, particularly where the individual has a significant imbalance and we want to see how effective their personal development is coming along.

Yes. How often have you promoted someone to quickly realise that they are not actually suitable? It is a fantastic tool for showing who your real successors are.

Of Course. There are a number to choose from so we recommend you talk to us so we can understand your need and respond accordingly. They will be sent to you via email.

Yes, numerous and if you would like one please ask.

Yes of course. We can transfer all the team’s data onto one report that shows where the common ground is and also identifies if there are any skills not covered. For example, you may have a team full of strong optimists and you may need to add someone who can look at where the pitfalls might exist to create a realistic balance. You can assess the whole company if you like.

Yes, 100%. Your personal data is taken very seriously.

We get this a lot. Yes, it is very good. We love it. It is like having a superpower. This system has been in existence for over 25 years and used by some of the worlds largest businesses and many SME’s. It is an award-winning system. Once you see it, you will realise just how beneficial it will be to your organization. It is proven to work.

Yes, it does. You can assess all of your staff and we can produce for you your own unique report showing how well you are meeting your staff’s 8 employment expectations regarding engagement and retention factors. If you have over 30 employees, we can offer you a complimentary report. They are very enlightening.

Over 40 and growing.

It doesn’t because “Job Enjoyment Theory” is universally true. Yes, jobs will differ depending on different cultures hence why this is fully customizable.

No, not at all. We work across all sizes, SME’s to corporates. We work with businesses that are just starting out with a small number of staff as the cost of getting your staff wrong is expensive what ever your size and the smaller you are the percentage cost is much higher. What ever your size our system gives you a measurable ROI.

Still not sure?

Just complete the box below and we will send you a few of the assessment reports we can create for the candidate you are looking to hire.

We will also explain a little more about how each report will give you an advantage in knowing – who you are hiring, why they will be a good fit and more importantly how you can get them to say yes!